About Sidney

Information Systems Lead and BLIS Coordinator

BLIS Experience

Have do you feel when you got the ability to be flexible in carrying out daily routines?

Most people people would say it make work simpler, easier and going. After using and coordinating implementation activities in laboratories in Cameroon and Ghana for
18 months, I realized that, this highly configurable LIMS could tackle just any problem encountered from specimen reception to issue of result.

The system may be configured to fit the needs of the lab. By entering information in user-friendly data entry screens, the lab’s designated ” Admin” configures much of the system’s operating parameters. BLIS can handle a very large sample precessing
volume and provides documentation while respecting standards.

BLIS is easy to use and intuitive. It style menu is immediately comprehensive and the one -click navigation is very straightforward. When configuring BLIS, you control the
behavior and appearance of the system without modifying the program. It has a “simple to do” back up option.

It has added confidence and hope in the quality of results  and the ability of our implementing institutions to provide quality care to patients. It is our “African dream”.

It makes my feel like nothing is impossible to achieve.

Sidney Atah

BLIS Project Coordinator, Cameroon