Experience with BLIS in Ghana

BLIS is changing Ghana’s participating laboratories business environment making them highly competitive.

It is easy to learn and use effectively. It is making information  immediate,  easy  to  access,  easy  to  update,  and  always available  for  those who  need  to  it.

The system is more efficient, more accurate, contributes to quality improvement, and improved trust in the laboratory by doctors.

BLIS is ensuring a more active and responsive flow of information, it is helping making the best use of time, so the doctor has more time to care for patients.

BLIS is reducing the time spent waiting for clinical results from the laboratory, doctors and nurses spend more time taking care of patients. It is making treatments and procedures begin and end sooner.

—- Philip Boakye

Information Systems Project Manager, GHSS Ghana


BLIS Experience

Have do you feel when you got the ability to be flexible in carrying out daily routines?

Most people people would say it make work simpler, easier and going. After using and coordinating implementation activities in laboratories in Cameroon and Ghana for
18 months, I realized that, this highly configurable LIMS could tackle just any problem encountered from specimen reception to issue of result.

The system may be configured to fit the needs of the lab. By entering information in user-friendly data entry screens, the lab’s designated ” Admin” configures much of the system’s operating parameters. BLIS can handle a very large sample precessing
volume and provides documentation while respecting standards.

BLIS is easy to use and intuitive. It style menu is immediately comprehensive and the one -click navigation is very straightforward. When configuring BLIS, you control the
behavior and appearance of the system without modifying the program. It has a “simple to do” back up option.

It has added confidence and hope in the quality of results  and the ability of our implementing institutions to provide quality care to patients. It is our “African dream”.

It makes my feel like nothing is impossible to achieve.

Sidney Atah

BLIS Project Coordinator, Cameroon

Blis all the way!!!

I joined the Basic Laboratory Information System initiative between CDC and C4G @ GaTech as a developer In Spring 2011. Being from a Computer Science background I have never been fond of writing and reading my own notes so automating things to avoid piles of paperwork makes perfect sense to me. BLIS provided me with the platform for doing this in a very large context. I have worked on updates and I must say it has been hectic at times, but the positive feedback and compliments we keep getting like “the update was successful and also provide new applications very well. We congratulate you.”(Feedback to BLIS v.1.15 by Eric Nzeko from Douala) keeps me going. I hope that one day updating this system will become so rare that I will yearn for more work.


I work as a developer on the C4G BLIS team. I joined the C4G BLIS Team in the summer of 2011. My desire to join the team was based on the fact that joining the BLIS Team would help me utilize my development skills to try and improve the medical laboratory management scene in Africa.

It has been a good journey so far. It is heartening to hear success stories of BLIS and how BLIS has helped both the labs as well as patients. I hope that the success of BLIS continues and it is implemented in more medical laboratories in the near future.


BLIS experience from BUEA, Cameroon

BLIS, Basic Laboratory Information System, is a software introduce in Buea Regional Hospital since the past 18 months. this tool has really improved on the laboratory’s activities so far as quality management is concern.we can generated timely and accurate laboratory result through all the phases of analysis being pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical. we have also noted the gains made had direct impact on: firstly, the customer; there is customer satistifaction (reduce turn around time), secondly: administration , decision making, thirdly: the physicians. attend to the patients promptly and lastly there is flexibility in lab technician workload.Thanks to the improve in quality with the introduction of BLIS, the administration of the hospital took as challenge to implement quality as culture in all the unit in the hospital.

Dr. Maurice Mouladje

Laboratory Director

Buea Regional Hospital, Cameroon

Welcome to the C4G BLIS community blog!

We welcome reports of user experiences with BLIS from all users and potential users of the system. C4G BLIS was created in the summer of 2009 and the first version was installed in the Buea regional hospital laboratory in April 2010. BLIS is a user-driven design that grows and thrives on critical feedback. We welcome your thoughts!!
C4G team
(Santosh Vempala, Amol Shintre, Akshay Phalnikar)